"I've lost 20 kgs on the programme so far! The method is simple and easy to follow"



Iman Hassan (BSc, ANutr) is a registered Nutritionist and certified Personal Trainer. 

She has made it her mission to empower people to get lean and stay lean by building healthy habits that last a lifetime. 

She created her signature NSR programme to transform your lifestyle and give you lasting results, so you never have to feel the failure of another fad diet. 



An optimal nutrition plan can help heal and balance your body from the inside out. You will be provided with easy to prepare healthy recipes, including options to take on the go. Your tailored plan will be adjusted throughout the programme to keep you on track. You will develop new eating habits that will support you in reaching your goals and stay with you long-term.


With your personalised training plan and one-to-one PT sessions, you will learn to sculpt and strengthen your body the smart way. Every training session will have an educational element to improve your knowledge and performance. Your workouts will be time-efficient and help you sustain your results. Movement will become a natural part of your life, you will no longer need to wait for bouts of motivation to be active.


This pillar brings together the power of a positive mindset and restful sleep.You are going to learn to consistently train your brain like a muscle and build the thought patterns that enable you to reset your habits for good. Weekly expert coaching sessions will empower you to sharpen your focus and cultivate a winning mindset. You will learn the best rituals for good quality sleep, wake up bursting with exuberance and notice decrease in stress levels. 


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